Did Abraham-Hicks Kill Ari?

grayscale photo of woman covering her mouth using her hands
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Did Esther Hicks or her late husband Jerry Hicks help — or their “teachings” — precipitate the death of Ari, an artist who turned to the Abraham-Hicks controlled Abe Forum for support?

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“More Less I Am” Celebrates Whitman’s 200th Birthday in New York City

More Or Less I Am
La Compagnia de’ Colombari Theatre Group. Show

“Whitman’s own manic enthusiasm might be required to describe the joyous jamboree that occurs when you combine a fiddle, flute, cello, guitar, and steel drum with readers from the audience, an opera singer, the sounds of jets flying overhead and bells ringing at Riverside Church, the guy who played Brother Mouzone on The Wire, and a terribly cute little girl—to name just a few of its many jangly moving parts,” Ian Crouch wrote in the New Yorker when More or Less I Am first swung through in 2010.

Working with Compagnia de’ Colombari, an international collective of performing artists, American theatre director and Yale Drama School teacher, Karin Coonrod resurrects More Or Less I Am this month, across New York City in celebration of Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday on May 31st.

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Netflix “See You Yesterday” YRB Interview with Jonn Nubian

See You Yesterday is a genre-blending drama that utilizes time-travel to examine the current issue of police brutality in America. YRB Executive Editor Jonn Nubian sat down with the Director/ Co- Writer Stefon Bristol, Co-Writer Fredrica Bailey and the cast, Eden Duncan-SmithDanté Crichlow, and Brian “Stro” Bradley during during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the making of the film.”

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Roosevelt Island Tram’s 43rd Birthday in New York City

“Happy 43rd Birthday,” historian Judith Berdy wrote in an email, last Thursday, celebrating the Roosevelt Island Tram’s evolution from essential resource to an adventure drawing tourists daily in numbers that make locals increasingly unhappy.

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Water Towers: As New York City As It Gets…

Water Towers by Deborah Julian

Photo above, Water Towers by Deborah Julian is a fine art capture of a uniquely New York City feature. Unlike most cities, New York’s water is resourced far away from the avenues and streets and is piped in through aqueducts.

The resulting water pressure is only sufficient to push the liquid as high as five stories, necessitating water towers all through the vertical city into which water is pumped into the storage tanks, then delivered by gravity feed.

One less known thing New York City could not exist without

A Million Different Things, …And Night, Meditation #2

You can’t call something unreal just because you can’t see, touch or feel it…

Assorted Ideas, Large & Small

This installment, …And Night is the second in the final section of my book, A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World’s Happiest Man. It’s concerned with the strange, maybe imaginary, border between our internal and external realities.

A Million Different Things: …And Night, Meditation #2

The Imaginary Border of Inner and Outer Realities

It’s possible, then, that everything in the universe is within our immediate reach. It’s possible even that everything is stored, inventoried, categorized, even created inside that container of bone we call a skull or connected nearby.

It’s widely accepted among scientists, although just as widely unknown among everyone else, that no experiment has ever proved that there is an objective world outside our senses.

Everything we “know” to be exists only because our senses say so, and our brains assemble and digest a world from the information received.

We compile reality in our minds and…

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